Tiny Milestones

Its been about two weeks since Riley's birth, and we are loving parenthood. The days following Riley's birth, she dropped some weight (as to be expected with newborn babies) and I am so happy to say that at her doctor's appointment on Wednesday, Riley weighed in at 6 lbs 8 oz, gaining back all her weight and then some. I've been trying to sleep whenever Riley sleeps, hoping not to fall behind and become a zombie, and so far its been working out great. Today her umbilical cord fell off, which was strangely exciting to us, haha. I can't wait until I can one day blog about things like her rolling over, her first steps, but for now, these little victories are more than enough to make me happy.

Riley got her first sponge bath- she hated it at first, but
was so relaxed when we were finished.
She is becoming much more alert. I
never saw her with eyes open until recently.
Prior to that, she'd cry before I could see her.
She is getting so good at sleeping
for longer amounts of time. We made it
to 4 hours last night!
She even picked up an extra chin. =)
Sure, we are tired and sleep deprived, but I can honestly say that I love being a mom. These first few weeks have been beyond anything I ever imagined. She is already growing up too fast right before our very eyes. I am already all paranoid about missing a single moment with her.

This is true love at its finest.

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