Cradle Cap

Baby cradles and caps are so cute. Put them together and you get "cradle cap"... not so cute. Riley developed some really dry and flakey skin across her eyebrows and her forehead. We took her to the doctor yesterday to confirm that we were definitely dealing with cradle cap

If you can look past her beautiful
eyes, you can see the dry patches
of skin across her forehead
Luckily it doesn't at all bother her (and only bothers mommy). The doctor suggested that we rub her skin with a soft toothbrush when bathing her to remove the dry flakes. In more fun news, we did come to find that at 6 weeks my not-so-little baby now weighs 9.5 lbs! Go Riley!

Besides gaining significant weight, she's also starting to figure out her voice. Here's a brief clip of Riley making some cute baby noises. I'm hoping soon we'll have a clip that is much more full of baby babbles:


Change Clothes and Go

At 5 weeks old, Riley is growing out of her newborn clothes. My big girl put on her first 3 month outfit today. And although I am thrilled by her healthy growth and the benefits of her being older (read: more sleep for all), I cannot get over how fast she is growing up. Family and friends weren't kidding when they said to enjoy every minute because it goes by faster than you realize.

One of the last newborn onesies
No apple bottom jeans,
but boots with the fur
3 mo outfit from cousins
Aidan and Brooke
with a cameo kiss from Indy
We are really starting to get into our groove, I'm starting to truly understand her cues, which makes for a much happier Riley (and thus a much happier Van!). Her eyes are following toys that we put in front of her, and she's accidently smiled at me a few times now while awake. I cannot wait for those smiles to be in response to something I say/do. 


1 Month Young

Today marks exactly one month since the birth of my beautiful baby girl. It is amazing how fast she is growing. While holding her yesterday, for the first time I noticed that she is actually starting to feel a little bit heavy. She has the most inquisitive eyes that now follow my face and the sound of my voice. It makes my heart melt to see her tiny fingers wrapped around my one finger. She makes this sweet little sound after she sneezes that just makes me laugh every time. She is just wonderful.

This past month has been the longest and yet the fastest month of my life. Motherhood has been an extremely challenging and humbling experience for me, but one that has been even more rewarding. In one month, everything I thought I knew about life and love went out the window, only to be built back up into a whole different perspective. I am learning so much about her but equally as much about myself. We're still a little unsure and not exactly 100% confident of what we're doing here, but what I love is that we're learning and doing it together. Me and my girl. 

I love my Riley. Happy one month, baby!