1 Month Young

Today marks exactly one month since the birth of my beautiful baby girl. It is amazing how fast she is growing. While holding her yesterday, for the first time I noticed that she is actually starting to feel a little bit heavy. She has the most inquisitive eyes that now follow my face and the sound of my voice. It makes my heart melt to see her tiny fingers wrapped around my one finger. She makes this sweet little sound after she sneezes that just makes me laugh every time. She is just wonderful.

This past month has been the longest and yet the fastest month of my life. Motherhood has been an extremely challenging and humbling experience for me, but one that has been even more rewarding. In one month, everything I thought I knew about life and love went out the window, only to be built back up into a whole different perspective. I am learning so much about her but equally as much about myself. We're still a little unsure and not exactly 100% confident of what we're doing here, but what I love is that we're learning and doing it together. Me and my girl. 

I love my Riley. Happy one month, baby!

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