Change Clothes and Go

At 5 weeks old, Riley is growing out of her newborn clothes. My big girl put on her first 3 month outfit today. And although I am thrilled by her healthy growth and the benefits of her being older (read: more sleep for all), I cannot get over how fast she is growing up. Family and friends weren't kidding when they said to enjoy every minute because it goes by faster than you realize.

One of the last newborn onesies
No apple bottom jeans,
but boots with the fur
3 mo outfit from cousins
Aidan and Brooke
with a cameo kiss from Indy
We are really starting to get into our groove, I'm starting to truly understand her cues, which makes for a much happier Riley (and thus a much happier Van!). Her eyes are following toys that we put in front of her, and she's accidently smiled at me a few times now while awake. I cannot wait for those smiles to be in response to something I say/do. 

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