Cradle Cap

Baby cradles and caps are so cute. Put them together and you get "cradle cap"... not so cute. Riley developed some really dry and flakey skin across her eyebrows and her forehead. We took her to the doctor yesterday to confirm that we were definitely dealing with cradle cap

If you can look past her beautiful
eyes, you can see the dry patches
of skin across her forehead
Luckily it doesn't at all bother her (and only bothers mommy). The doctor suggested that we rub her skin with a soft toothbrush when bathing her to remove the dry flakes. In more fun news, we did come to find that at 6 weeks my not-so-little baby now weighs 9.5 lbs! Go Riley!

Besides gaining significant weight, she's also starting to figure out her voice. Here's a brief clip of Riley making some cute baby noises. I'm hoping soon we'll have a clip that is much more full of baby babbles:

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  1. Riley is so adorable! Just melts my heart! I love the sound of baby cooing!