Date Night

For the first time since Riley was born, Eric and I got to spend a night out on the town together, just the two of us. Thanks to our friend Jenna for watching Riley! Our date night consisted of a delicious dinner at Asia Nine, followed by watching "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's theater. The night went surprisingly smooth. Of course dinner conversation consisted of Riley, and showing each other photos we have of her on our phones. But we didn't call Jenna at all, and took advantage of our time together without the baby.

Us inside Ford's theater. Behind us you can see the
booth where Abraham Lincoln was shot.
As wonderful as the night was, we missed our baby girl and rushed home to get the low-down on how her night with Jenna went. I was so happy to hear Jenna tell us how easy Riley was, and how Riley talked to her and smiled at her when she was awake, and how she quickly went to sleep when she was put down. That little girl never fails to amaze me.

Thank you Jenna for making the night possible. We are so grateful to have a friend like you who cares about Riley as much as we do. And thank you Eric for taking me out. You still know how to make me laugh and smile like no one else does.

I am feeling so blessed.

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