Baby's 1st Christmas

We flew my mom and dad into Virginia as a Christmas present (they think to them, when really I think it was a present to myself as well). For five days, Riley was completely smothered with kisses and I don't think she spent any time in her crib she was held so much. But you have to love grandparents for that! Riley wasn't the only spoiled one. My mom packed a suitcase full of food she prepared and froze to feed me and Eric. I think the last time we ate that well was when Anh Hai Mike was here. =P

Ba Ma and Riley with her first Christmas tree
On Christmas day, we bundled Riley up and went out to see the new National Christmas Tree. I was reluctant to do it at first, but boy am I glad we did. It made for a wonderful memory for Riley's first Christmas.
New baby and new National Christmas Tree
Ba Ma left on Tuesday, and we packed the car and headed to Indiana. I had been so excited about this trip, as we were finally getting to meet Ava and Katelyn as well.
Oberly siblings with their babies
Unfortunately, Riley wasn't happy about the travels. She was unusually fussy and had crying/screaming bouts that had me really worried, so we had to cut the trip short. Thankfully we will all be in Florida for Grandpa's 90th birthday, and I'm hoping she will do better then since she will be a little older.

This has been a magical Christmas getting to spend it with so many loved ones. Its amazing getting to experience things that we've experienced before but now with a baby. It's like living life all over again-- seeing things in a completely new light, and I am loving every bit of it. 

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