Doing the Running Van

This post is about the changes my body went through during pregnancy and the efforts I'm making to change it back to its pre-pregnancy state.

I always went to running as a form of exercise. In 2010, I ran my first event (the army 10 miler). This year, I made a New Year's resolution to run a half-marathon, and with Chi Hai's help, I have been on a pretty strict running schedule. Here's where I'm at, about 2 months into the training (info from my RunKeeper profile):

Running post partum was a very strange feeling. The best I could describe it was like I was running in jello. I knew what my body had previously been capable of, but my body then was no where near ready to resume where I left off. After a few runs, it started to feel natural again and I'm currently running a 10:30 minute mile (my 10 miler time was a 11:30 min mile average).

And here is a progression of my bodily changes within the last year. The first photo is from when I was 8 weeks pregnant (my phone lost my earlier snapshots). The middle photo is my belly shot at 35 weeks pregnant, which was the last photo I could bare to take. And the photo on the right is a photo I took just today, after so proudly zipping up my pre-pregnancy jeans:

It has been quite the journey getting back into shape, and it sure doesn't end here! Keep checking in on my runkeeper profile, and please make sure I am staying on track. I can use all the encouragement I can get!


  1. you look GREAT chi ba!!! AMAZING! I hope I can be that discipline when it's my turn!! So inspiring!!

  2. good job van! you look incredible!