Sappy Mom

Today I washed all of Riley's 0-3 mo size onesies to fold them up and donate them. Yes, folks, my little girl has moved up in clothing size yet again. I found myself getting all sappy, wondering where the time went and amazed by how fast she's growing up.

3 months old

startle reflex starting to go away

getting better at tummy time and head control
I am so happy with and thankful for her good health and development. It is just incredible seeing her pick up something new everyday. She is definitely not the baby she was three months ago, and I am definitely not the mom I was three months ago. I remember her first few weeks at home, wondering if I would ever feel "normal" again? But here I am, with a new "normal", one that is way better than anything I could've ever imagined. And yet I find myself missing the itty bitty little newborn that used to fit in one arm, even if it meant sleepless nights and extreme fatigue.

Parenthood is amazing and I absolutely love it. (But don't you dare start the "time for another baby" comments...)

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