Count Monday Hike

Both Eric and I are very blessed to have a job that allows us to have an extremely flexible schedule. Every other Monday is "count Monday" which in short is the deadline for our work to be turned in. If our work is finished, we aren't under much pressure to do anything, so on this beautiful count Monday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go on a little hike at Huntley Meadows Park.

Indy getting some much deserved attention

my cute little family

she fell asleep right before we finished
Eric and I always enjoyed spending time outdoors (heck, he proposed in Shenandoah) and I know Eric, in particular, was very excited to do things like this with our baby. The baby carrier back-pack was his first purchase "for the baby" and it was nice that we got to use it so early in the year.


Copying Mommy

Just a fun little video of some Riley-Mommy time. This little girl amazes me on a daily basis.


Grandpa Walter's 90th Birthday

On February 15, 2011, Riley took her first plane ride from Washington DC to Fort Lauderdale, FL. She did so well! I was so anxious about travelling with her, since our first attempt to go out of town (to Indiana, back in December) was less than perfect. But I am so happy, relieved and proud to say that Riley was a great traveller.

Mayberry, our home away from home for this trip.
Also where Eric and I spent our babymoon!
Riley was so fascinated with her feet!
Reunited with cousins Ava and Katelyn
Spent time with the birthday boy himself!
It was a great vacation and Grandpa Walt had a wonderful time celebrating 90 years of life. It was so fun being around so much family. Now that Riley is traveling so much better, we are definitely looking forward to the chance of spending more time with family in the near future.


Daddy's Girl

I just love watching Eric with Riley. There is something so special about the relationship between a father and his daughter. Eric is one of those people who is annoyingly good at everything he does. Being a father (and a husband) is no exception. I literally thank God everyday for him.

She is so snuggly with her dad

Definitely doesn't get that curly
hair from me!

And now that we are trying to bottle feed Riley more, Eric complies with my crazy OCD ways to document her feedings. But of course, he will add his own smart-ass touch to it:

In case there was any question, the notes were not
added by me.


Raspberry Riley

This won't be a significant post as much as it is just a fun one. Riley is really getting more and more fun each day. She has a million expressions for every silly thing I do to get her to smile. Her sense of humor is starting to really show, and that's a good thing. You have to have a really good sense of humor to be a part of this goofy family.

Poor Indy. One more family member
to torment her!

And here is a video I shot of her blowing raspberries. She loves that shes can do this, and we will sometimes wake up to this sound:


4 month wellness

Riley went in for her 4 month wellness exam today. Here are her numbers:
Height: 25.5 inches (88 %tile)
Weight: 12 lbs 12oz (19 %tile)
Head Circumference: 16.5 inches (94 %tile)
I love my tall bobble-head baby! She is doing a million times better on tummy time. She has been smiling and laughing a lot more. She holds her toys that are hanging above her, and is obsessed with sticking her hands in her mouth. I'm beyond happy with her growth and development.

Dr Shen listening to Riley's chest

Checking out the Doctor


Rock and Roll

I lost a little bit of freedom today, but thats because Riley has reached another milestone. At just a day shy of being 4 months old, my baby girl is rolling over.

Here is a little video that pretty much captures most of Riley's personality at the moment. In true Riley fashion, she is rolling at the beat of her own drum. Where most babies roll from their bellies to their backs first, she is doing the opposite. Also, if she could, she would request that her pacifier be surgically placed in her mouth. And at the end of her accomplishment, she whines, which turns into a babble-- another little something she has been consistently doing. She is a diva and a nerd, but I love her for all that she is.