Grandpa Walter's 90th Birthday

On February 15, 2011, Riley took her first plane ride from Washington DC to Fort Lauderdale, FL. She did so well! I was so anxious about travelling with her, since our first attempt to go out of town (to Indiana, back in December) was less than perfect. But I am so happy, relieved and proud to say that Riley was a great traveller.

Mayberry, our home away from home for this trip.
Also where Eric and I spent our babymoon!
Riley was so fascinated with her feet!
Reunited with cousins Ava and Katelyn
Spent time with the birthday boy himself!
It was a great vacation and Grandpa Walt had a wonderful time celebrating 90 years of life. It was so fun being around so much family. Now that Riley is traveling so much better, we are definitely looking forward to the chance of spending more time with family in the near future.

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