Rock and Roll

I lost a little bit of freedom today, but thats because Riley has reached another milestone. At just a day shy of being 4 months old, my baby girl is rolling over.

Here is a little video that pretty much captures most of Riley's personality at the moment. In true Riley fashion, she is rolling at the beat of her own drum. Where most babies roll from their bellies to their backs first, she is doing the opposite. Also, if she could, she would request that her pacifier be surgically placed in her mouth. And at the end of her accomplishment, she whines, which turns into a babble-- another little something she has been consistently doing. She is a diva and a nerd, but I love her for all that she is.


  1. Yay Riley!!! Congrats!! So cute!!! Her eyes are just so beautiful!!

  2. Love the princess blanket. Brooke and Riley will get along just fine. LOL