Are you my friend?

Two nights ago I had a nightmare involving Riley. Now most of the time, when moms say things like that, their dreams are about something happening to their babies. This was not the case with me. In my nightmare, Riley was the scary, creepy little kid in those horror films. Brace yourself...

In my dream, I was putting Riley down for a nap, and we happened to be sleeping in the same bed. She dozed off, so I rolled over with my back towards her. All of the sudden, I hear, in the creepy, high-pitched children's voice, "are you my friend?" This of course startles me, because my 5 month old baby obviously cannot talk. So I turn around, and I see her. Sitting there. Staring at me. And again, I hear those terrifying words with the slight tilt of her head, eyes looking straight at mine... "are you my friend?" And in that split second, she jumped on me and clung to my back like a rabid animal...

Now pan to the real world-- I am whimpering in my sleep, Eric wakes up and hears it all happening and wakes me up out of my terror. In the morning, I tell him about my nightmare, and now he loves to grab Riley and taunt me with "are you my friend??"

Thank you for taking the time to read this silly (but scary) true story of mine. I leave you with a photo and one question to ponder...

"Are you my friend?"


Mommy Kisses & Baby Giggles

Riley has been a laughing machine lately, and I am not complaining! It feels so rewarding to have her sweet little face just look up at me and smile or laugh. It really makes those long, sleepless nights seem so far away (even if they do still happen every once in a while).

Here's a video of me smothering Riley with Asian sniff kisses, and her loving every minute of it: