DC Tourists

Now that Riley is getting older and interacting more with the world around her, it has motivated us to take her out more often. This past weekend, we decided on a whim to take her to the zoo. It was a hot day, and the zoo was a little more crowded than I had hoped, but we enjoyed our time nonetheless, and Riley was very much engaged with the animals.

Laughing at the meerkat running by

The following day was day one of the annual Dragon Boat races in DC. Eric had always wanted to check it out, so we all got up early (with Riley being our alarm clock of course) and headed to Georgetown. I'm so glad we did it! I don't know how much Riley enjoyed it, but I found it so fascinating!

Best seat in the house!

It has been so fun taking Riley out to explore DC. Eric and I became very close friends while seeing what DC had to offer when we both first moved out here and met. Its a totally different but equally wonderful experience taking our baby to do these things all over again.



I am so proud and so happy to be writing this post! It has been a long goal of mine to run a half marathon, and this past weekend I crossed the finish line of Indianapolis Mini Marathon, and I am extremely stoked about it.

Coming into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Runners coming up the speedway
Nothing like a couple of accordionists to keep me going!
Victory mile! I was so happy to see this!
Sweet, sweet success
Among other things, I want to express how extremely proud I am of Chi Hai, Anh Hai Mike and Gina Pfeiffer for also completing their first half marathons. I can now say I know what type of commitment it takes to accomplish this, and I give you all the credit in the world for crossing the finish line and I am so happy to share this feeling with all of you.

For so many reasons, this race was so special to me and I although my feet may have hated me by the end of it all, I will never forget the feeling of how happy I was to finish my first half marathon.