Oberly Fertile

I'll give you the cliff notes version first, and if you care for details, I welcome you to read on:

We are expecting our 2nd baby and we are moving to Indiana!

At the beginning of May, we found out about our little surprise blessing. As happy as I was, panic/reality struck me quick-- our babies will only be 14-15 months apart! How on earth will we be able to handle all this? So we took a breather (a short one, there was no time) and decided that we would rent a home in Indiana for a year to be close to Eric's family and get some much needed help. The following weekend, we were in Indiana to run the mini-marathon. We still hadn't told anyone about baby #2, so Eric secretly went out to look at rental homes. There really wasn't anything on the rental market to suit our needs, and upon talking to a realtor, we decided that buying was the way to go. This was going to be tricky, we were working with a very aggressive timeline because I wanted to be moved out before the belly started take over my body. So we decided to tell Eric's mom and enlist her help with property search.

Here is a video of us sharing the news with Eric's mom. Riley is wearing the shirt in the picture above, and Eric tells his mom to check out Riley's nightgown before bed:

The weeks following were insane to say the least. We found a property, liked it, Eric's mom checked it out, we put in an offer, Eric flew out for the inspection, and ta-dah-- we became Greenfield, Indiana homeowners. Meanwhile, we were/are furiously working on packing and making our Virginia home ready for rental. All this going on while chasing an 8 month old around the house and keeping our pregnancy a secret, since we were still in the first trimester. Chaos, but of the best variety.

Which brings us to present day. Riley and I are flying to Indiana tomorrow and from there on we will be making our move. There is still lots to be done but we truly feel so blessed and welcome this change with open hearts. Please send some prayers for a smooth transition and a healthy and happy baby! We need all the love and support we can get!

Baby #2 is due end of December. Here is the first photo of our babies together. My heart already melts  imagining my kids playing and growing up together:
proud big sister!


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  2. God bless all of you...what an ordeal/joy/opportunity!!!! I'm sure Jinx is thrilled!!!! Looking forward to further updates when you have time! Much love to you....