1st week in Indiana

Thank you to all for your love and support. We are having a very smooth transition to Indiana. There is still a ton left to be done, but thank goodness for my hardworking husband who is doing it all while Riley, Indy and I are settling in here in Greenfield.

We made it into town just in time for the Hancock County fair. We met with the Pfeiffer's one day to watch the parade and support their Little Miss Riley (that's a contest title--- we don't all name our daughters Riley here)
Matt proudly driving his beautiful Lauren in the parade

The following day, we took our Riley to the fair to check out some of the farm animals. Turns out my city girl was overwhelmed by the noises (and her mom by the scents).
Eric and Riley checking out the bunnies
Its been a difficult move, but thank goodness for family and friends who made us feel so welcome and provided much needed help. Already I am feeling thankful for being close to loved ones. I'll continue to document as much as I can-- its been a crazy journey, but its definitely making for awesome memories.

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  1. "Turns out my city girl was overwhelmed by the noises (and her mom by the scents)." This was my favorite part of this entry. LOL. You're hilarious. Glad you guys are all settling in so nicely.