More, more, more!

Before Riley was born, I witnessed my amazing niece and nephew pick up sign language watching these DVDs that teach babies to communicate using American Sign Language. I was simply in awe of how much they knew and how quickly they picked it up. In fact they knew so much, I had to mimic the signs they were doing and ask my sister what it meant, since I didn't know any of it! But from that, I knew that if I were to ever be blessed with kids, I would definitely want to give it a try.

Now, Riley watches "Baby Signing Time" whenever I need a moment to get something done, and we are starting to see her really pick up on the signs. While FaceTiming Eric the other day, she did the sign for "dad" (sure, it might have been coincidental, but I'll take it!). But there is no mistaking that my baby is now intentionally doing the sign for "more".

Here is a little video of me singing the song from the video and Riley singing and signing along. Please disregard my singing voice at 8am in the morning, I didn't have time to properly warm up. =P

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