California Dreamin'

I don't have the words to describe what I feel when I think about this past week spent in California. Every time we visit, the trips get better and better and I miss my family more and more and this was no exception. I literally thank God everyday for my awesome family. They all took time off of work to spend time with us and made our visit so fun and memorable. I'm so happy that Riley got to spend such quality time with our family.

We got in late Wednesday night, and Riley was a champ on the airplane. On Thursday, Chi Hai, Brooke and Aidan came over to Ba Ma's house (where we stayed the entire week) first thing in the morning. Mom couldn't stand it at work so she took a half day and we all went to the OC fair. We got our fix of fair foods, a heavy dosage of giant sausages and of course the sweet sweet scent of farm animals:

That night, Di Ut and Dave with the kiddos came over for dinner, and it ended up being an impromptu party at Mom and Dad's. The next day Mom and Bao took the day off of work and we went to the pool at the Lam residence. Aidan did a phenomenal job during swim class. Its amazing to see how quickly these kids grow up. That evening, Chi Hai grilled up some burgers and hot dogs and Anh Hai Mike came home. We also got a surprise visit from Khoackie + Lily. So glad I got a chance to snuggle my new niece:

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Bay by Newport Beach for local.com's company picnic. It was such a great set up! There were food and activities galore. I think this was Riley's favorite day in California.

Later that evening, we washed up and headed down to San Marcos so that Riley could meet her Ba Co (great grandmother) and Ba Muoi and may di and duong there. Its always a good time when we visit them, and I am beyond happy that Riley got to meet my Ba Noi.

Sunday we went to an Angels game in the afternoon, followed by a spontaneous cookout at the Lam's again. These are my favorite times-- when we sit around, eat good food, and make corny jokes and laugh at them like they are the funniest thing in the world. Riley got to spend more time with all her cousins again:

And that brings us to Monday, or final day in California. It somehow became a last minute party in the evening, and several family members as well as good friends stopped by. Only my mother has the ability to throw a party together at the very last minute without breaking a sweat, while still pampering her grandchildren (and children). It was so nice to see everyone, I wish we had more time to visit with everyone.

And here I am, happy to be home sweet home but definitely with a strong case of post-vacation blues. I can't stress enough how much I love my family and how much I cherish the time we get to spend with them. There really are no words, it truly is something you just have to experience, and I am so eager for the chance to do it again. Love you, family, very much!

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