It's a BOY!

I had my 20 week anatomy scan this past Tuesday, and I'm very happy to announce that the baby is doing very well and is very healthy. I'm also so pleased to share that this time around, we are expecting a sweet baby boy:
Hope to never see my son's private parts online ever again.
The sonographer was great, taking time to measure all organs that needed to be measured, and towards the end of the appointment she asked if we wanted to know what we were having. I was fully expecting to have another girl (don't ask me why, just a feeling I guess) and she said "you're having a little baby boy" and I looked over and Eric and we both did a silly yelp of excitement. I wish the whole world could have seen Eric's face, he was just beaming, it was very sweet. We are very excited and eager to meet our little guy.

Our not-so-big girl is completely clueless as to what's going on, but I am excited for her to be a big sister.
After several takes, and shortly before she bit and punctured the balloon
I find myself daydreaming about what baby #2 will look like, the same way we wondered when we found out Riley was a girl. Either way, I imagine my complete family of four and my heart simply swells with joy and happiness.

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