My Famous Baby

This post is dedicated to my very first baby-- my beagle, Indy. Last week, I took this silly photo of her and posted it on Facebook:
It is unbelievable the amount of attention this photo is getting. A friend of mine posted it on reddit.com, and someone must've combed it out from there and posted it on Dog Lover's Facebook profile page, and as of this very minute, Indy has 383,230 likes, 26,904 shares, and 10,595 comments. This number continues to grow, and I love that my best fur friend is getting this sort of attention.

I do, however, wish that all these strangers could know our story-- Indy and me. How special she is, having been my companion while Eric was in Iraq, almost losing her to a horrendous seizure, living with epilepsy, and now making my daughter laugh and smile on a daily basis. I truly, with all my heart, believe that Indy was Heaven sent to us, and I am so thankful for all her and all she's given us.

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