Nursery x2

Sometimes, a picture says it all. Eric put together baby boy's crib today and the photo above  is a panoramic sweep of the kids rooms. If that overwhelms you, don't even get me started on the "community changing table" we have out in the hallway.

Sometimes, when I get a quiet moment, I get extremely nervous about the reality that we will be raising two very young children. But as nervous as I get, I am even more excited about welcoming another little miracle into this family. I look at our Riley, all the joy she's brought into our lives, and the thought of that feeling multiplying sends me over the moon. Can't wait to meet our little guy!

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  1. sooo exciting!!! I notice you had a black crib for baby #2, is it cause you're having a boy? btw, we have the same rocking chair/otoman set! great minds think alike! haha