Daycare Follow Up

I am SO proud of my baby girl! She had a great day today at daycare! I'm also pretty proud of myself-- I only called once to check up on her. When I did call, they said Riley was not fussy at all and was in the middle of chomping down on some grilled cheese sandwiches. That's my girl for you, treating school like a buffet!

Eric and I got anxious, so we picked her up a little earlier than expected. Upon arriving, we watched her through the 2-way mirror, only to find her having a great ol' time:

Then we snuck in, and when she finally noticed us, she started babbling up a storm. I was so happy to see her so happy.
Finally noticing us in the room

Telling Dad about her day

Smiling for Mommy
The teachers raved about how wonderfully Riley did, especially for her very first day. I am so happy with the facility. They showed us her personalized book that details all she did throughout the day, the times she slept, the amount she ate and drank. Not only were they accommodating to my crazy mom self, but they were very sweet about it, reassuring us that Riley was doing well and welcoming my calls/visits. I feel very good about our decision to put her in daycare, and I'm beyond happy at how much Riley enjoys it.

My Shining Star

We just got back from dropping off Riley at her first day of daycare at Shining Stars Child Care Academy. You'll be happy to know there were no tears involved (from her or from me). 

Tried to get a photo of her outfit, but she was too weirded out to pose.

Hanging on to Dad while still feeling shy

Warming up to new buddy, Claire

Books are the way to this girl's heart

Hanging out with Billy before Mom and Dad left
It hasn't been an hour yet, but I miss her enough to blog about her already. I know daycare will be great for Riley though; she loves playing with other kids! I will definitely follow up with how she did by the end of day 1.


Bend it like Riley

Riley is getting much more comfortable with walking. Here's a video of her "playing soccer" with Eric. I hope this really will be something they can do together someday. It would mean so much to him, and I know eventually to her too.