Riley's 1 Year Wellness

Poor baby girl is taking a much needed nap right now. We had 5, count them, 5 shots this morning, and she handled herself like a little trooper (after some crying and whimpering). At 12 months, here are Riley's measurements:

Height: 30.75 inches @ 94 %tile
Weight: 20 lbs 11 oz @ 42 %tile
Head: 18.25 inches @ 98 %tile

So she's still the skinny, tall bobble-head baby she's been since birth.

Towards the end of our appointment, we were scheduling her 15 month wellness, to which the doctor suggested we schedule baby #2's 1 month wellness as well. What a trip!

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  1. WOW 5 shots!!! What a trooper Riley!! She's so tall! That's great she's good and healthy though!! Sounds like the next trip will be a very eventful one! =)