36 weeks with Connor

I had my weekly prenatal appointment today and I'm happy to announce that Connor is doing great. My fundal height is still measuring behind, but we had a growth scan to make sure Connor is growing healthily, and he's doing even better than expected. He measures in the 79th %tile at an estimated 6 lbs and 10 oz. The sonographer told me that these estimates are usually over estimated by 6 oz. Even at that, he already measure bigger than Riley at birth.

Connor @ 36 weeks
Riley @ 32 weeks

After the ultrasound, I met with my doctor who also had positive things to say. He seemed confident that Connor would make it to his csection date, which makes me happy to hear. At almost full term, I am totally feeling the discomfort of pregnancy, but hopefully December will work its magic and go by quickly as it always does. I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, but I'm even more ready to hold a sweet baby boy in my arms.

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