At almost 16 months old, my little Riley is starting to show us her girly side. A few weeks ago, I cleared her closet of her 12 month size clothes to increase the size, and when she got home from school, we showed her her newly vamped closet and she was simply beaming. Eric lets her choose what she wants to wear in the morning, and she sits still for me to do her hair. Do we sense a princess in the making?

Riley doing daddy's "hair"

Here's a video of one or her new favorite things to do-- she takes my shoes off our shoe rack and walks around the house in them. It never fails to make us laugh whenever we see this:


1 Month Connor

We had a weight check for Connor today, and as it turns out, our little guy is not-so-little. He weighed in at 9lbs, 13 oz and laid 21 inches long! Seeing as he left the hospital at 6 lbs, 8 oz, this is just amazing (and a little shocking).

My arms must be extra comfy, because that seems to be the only place Connor will sleep. I have days when I wake up groggy and grouchy (if you can say "wake up" since I don't really sleep), but one look at those big, bright eyes and its like I downed a shot of expresso-- instantly awake and functioning.

I'm also happy to report that Riley is warming up to Connor. I occasionally ask her to help me pat his back to burp him or put his onesie in the hamper when I change him and I think it makes her happy to be involved. She will now blow him kisses when she leaves for school. I am beyond happy about this improvement.

I have to admit that I have totally forgotten how draining the newborn stage is. I haven't laid in my bed for more than 2 hours at a time, and sometimes those 2 hours are a treat. But I look at Riley and how fast she's grown up and I am trying my best to just cherish these times that Connor is a cuddly little baby.



Life with two babies has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Depending on what hour of the day you ask me, you will get very different answers as to how it's going.

Overall, Connor is a very laid-back baby. In true male fashion, he is not very complicated to figure out-- if he's upset, he either wants to eat, sleep or poop. I've also adjusted much better post pregnancy this time around than with Riley. I'm assuming its because this isn't my first rodeo with a newborn, so knowing a little more of what to expect is working to my advantage.

my sweet boy at 3 weeks old

Now there's the new territory of raising two kids. Our adult-child ratio is now even, which completely changes the game. I'm still recovering from my surgery which hinders me from doing a lot of things, including lifting Riley. I also am quick to feel worn out and tired, and lets not even talk about the obvious sleep deprivation that comes with a baby. As a result, I catch myself at times being very impatient with my family that I love so much. Being cognizant of it, I am trying to just take a deep breath and let the moment pass me by and not be so upset when really there isn't anything to be upset about. I know its me (and my raging hormones) and I'm working on trying to pull myself out of those moments.

With that said, I feel like we are doing pretty darn good adjusting to our new family of four. Somehow Eric and I have figured out that he is mostly responsible for Riley and me, Connor. Throughout the day, we would exchange looks and ask each other "switch kids?" and its worked out great. And although I have a hard time expressing it at times, I am very thankful for my husband. He is so great with both our kids and I cannot imagine going through this with anything else. We thought being separated while he was deployed tested our relationship, that was just a warm-up compared to raising two young children. I very much appreciate you, Eric.

my #1 gal-- love my Riley

BFFs right now that we are inseparable

Riley was not very warm to the idea of a baby in our house, but each day that passes gets better. We've gotten her to follow me into his room when Connor is crying. She's also high-fived and kissed him occasionally. Chi Hai sent Riley this little stroller so she could be her very own little mommy (a very cute video, and also very entertaining soundtrack thanks to Eric):

But as much hard work as its been so far (and its been a lot of hard work), its been at least twice as fun. I love watching my children grow up and watching my relationship with Eric grow as well. I do not doubt that it will be a while before things get easier, but I truly look forward to looking back on these challenging times and laughing at them, all while being so grateful for my beautiful family.


Welcome 2013!

We've spent the past two new years as parents of newborns. With Connor having just been born a few days prior, it was obvious that partying was not in our plans for new year's eve. Heck, I thought it would be ambitious for me to even try staying up at midnight. That definitely didn't happen, but at 11:59, my husband came into our room with two glasses of sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses and woke me up gently. We toasted our new family and he kissed me at midnight, and to me that was the perfect way to ring in the new year.

I always like to make new years resolutions. I haven't had as much time to think about them, with the pregnancy and now baby taking over my life, but there are things I want to accomplish and I will commit to them now.

In 2013, I want to:

(1) Finish another round of P90x. I did this in the Summer of 2010, and it was tough, but man was it worth it. I love my photos from that Summer. haha!

(2) Cook more! I love to eat, and cooking seems fun. I will admit though, I hate the prep work and I hate the clean up, and more often than not, my end result wasn't worth all the work because I just don't have any concept of taste (as in, how to make things work without a recipe). I'm hoping to develop more of that, and unfortunately for Eric, that means a lot of experimentation (and probably bad meals). But hey, you can't learn if you dont try, right?

(3) Get involved in a church group. Living in Greenfield has been nice, with family nearby and what not. But I feel like I lack my own network out here. I also would love to improve my relationship with God, and I think this would accomplish both these goals. 

(4) Not sweat the small stuff. I've definitely improved on this in 2012-- its impossible not to let little things roll off your back when raising a baby. Now that we have two kiddos, I hope to not take life so seriously all the time. I really want to not stress about things I have no control over, and I want to be patient when my patience is tested (and I'm finding out that with two kids under two, that is often). 

And on that note, I am forced to cut this entry short, as Connor has woken up demanding to be fed and i find myself wrapping this post up with one hand. You are going to be a fun one, 2013.