Christmas Wish Come True

This has got to be my favorite Christmas of all time. We were finally all home from the hospital, our new little family of four. Eric was so excited about playing Santa. He had me go to bed early so he could set up our "Christmas room". The next morning, I caught him waking up early to plug in the Christmas tree lights and set up a little "Santa's corner" for Riley. He was so excited about her waking up, he couldn't sleep himself (and for parents of a newborn, that is saying a lot!)

Riley woke up and we lead her to the room, and she was all smiles from then on. She didn't quite understand the concept of unwrapping presents at first, but after a few practices, she understood and it was all I could do not to just die from the cuteness.

Checking out her stocking goodies

Opening books from Di Tu
Eric's mom was over celebrating with us. Her and Eric made us this delicious breakfast, and it was just nice to be near family for the holidays. The kids were spoiled by their aunts and uncles with gifts, we enjoyed a quiet Christmas morning together, there was not much more we could ask for.

The rest of the day was spent opening Riley's new toys for her and seeing her excitement as she went from toy to toy. We passed Connor around to spread out the snuggle time. There's nothing I can really pinpoint as to why this Christmas was my favorite, but I just think about that morning and the magical warm feelings of Christmas take over me. It was definitely one for the books.

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