Welcome 2013!

We've spent the past two new years as parents of newborns. With Connor having just been born a few days prior, it was obvious that partying was not in our plans for new year's eve. Heck, I thought it would be ambitious for me to even try staying up at midnight. That definitely didn't happen, but at 11:59, my husband came into our room with two glasses of sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses and woke me up gently. We toasted our new family and he kissed me at midnight, and to me that was the perfect way to ring in the new year.

I always like to make new years resolutions. I haven't had as much time to think about them, with the pregnancy and now baby taking over my life, but there are things I want to accomplish and I will commit to them now.

In 2013, I want to:

(1) Finish another round of P90x. I did this in the Summer of 2010, and it was tough, but man was it worth it. I love my photos from that Summer. haha!

(2) Cook more! I love to eat, and cooking seems fun. I will admit though, I hate the prep work and I hate the clean up, and more often than not, my end result wasn't worth all the work because I just don't have any concept of taste (as in, how to make things work without a recipe). I'm hoping to develop more of that, and unfortunately for Eric, that means a lot of experimentation (and probably bad meals). But hey, you can't learn if you dont try, right?

(3) Get involved in a church group. Living in Greenfield has been nice, with family nearby and what not. But I feel like I lack my own network out here. I also would love to improve my relationship with God, and I think this would accomplish both these goals. 

(4) Not sweat the small stuff. I've definitely improved on this in 2012-- its impossible not to let little things roll off your back when raising a baby. Now that we have two kiddos, I hope to not take life so seriously all the time. I really want to not stress about things I have no control over, and I want to be patient when my patience is tested (and I'm finding out that with two kids under two, that is often). 

And on that note, I am forced to cut this entry short, as Connor has woken up demanding to be fed and i find myself wrapping this post up with one hand. You are going to be a fun one, 2013.

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