Connor's 2 Month Wellness

My big guy did so well today at his wellness checkup. Here are the numbers that he posted:

weight = 12 lbs, 7 oz @ 73%tile
length = 23 1/4 in @ 66%tile
head = 15 3/4 in @ 54%tile

He could not be more opposite of his skinny, lollipop sister! I'm glad he is growing so well, and the doctor seemed happy with his developments as well, which is always reassuring to a mother.

Here is the obligatory first shots video. The crying seems dramatic, but it honestly stopped as soon as I set down my camera and they handed him over to me:

And here is my little man minutes after his shots as we were getting ready to head home sweet home:


Dancing Queen

I had mentioned in my last post that Riley loves to sing and dance, and I am so happy to have caught it on camera. Here's a little clip of Riley being Riley-- I love everything about it!


Riley @ 16 mos

This post is all about our Riley girl. I wish everyone could see Riley how I get to experience her everyday. She is hilarious! This girl loves to sing and dance. Put on a song, any tempo, and she will move and groove. You will also catch her singing along with her favorite Signing Time videos or the infamous "Hot Dog" song off the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Right now her favorite songs include "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me." Her daycare has her doing a ton of art projects and as a result she loves to get her hands dirty in some play dough or paint.
playing with markers

Her favorite phrase is "Where ___ go?" followed by "There it is!" and she'll throw her arms out and shrug while asking the question. She is also obsessed with magnets. Eric will have her pulling magnets off one place and putting them in another and she would continue this nonstop if we didn't stop her... or if it wasn't time for a snack. The girl loves to eat! Her favorite foods right now are chicken, prunes, pears and peaches. 

She is also currently into pointing out facial features. Unfortunately for Connor, this means he gets poked in the eyes often. Here's a little video of Riley sitting in her big girl car seat, pointing out her nose, eyes and mouth for me:


Valentine's Day Love

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- I LOVE Valentine's Day! What's not to love? An entire day dedicated to express to loved ones how you feel!

Last week, Eric took me to the Indianapolis Symphony to watch their pop series-- a special featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and friends. We got a deal on stage left balcony seats. To most these would be considered the nosebleeds of the symphony, but I absolutely loved the view. We got to see the conductor in action and even read the sheet music over some of the musicians.

As if that weren't enough, I woke up to a sweet surprise:

Then, while feeling silly, I decided to dress up my little man for the occasion:

And my favorite girl comes home from school 
with a surprise for her parents:

I know that in just about every blog post, I express in some way how much I love my family and how blessed I am. Its very important to me that all my family and friends know how much they mean to me and how they have impacted my life. And as 5th grade essay as it sounds, this is why I love Valentine's day. 


Baby Chit Chat

At 7 weeks old, Connor has become quite chatty with his baby babbles. He's also starting to be generous with his gummy smiles, which helps a very tired mommy perk up at the sight of it.

Here's a short clip of Connor showing off his sweet voice:

We are still working on Riley getting used to being a big sister. There are days when she just is not interested (read: tantrum). I've been trying to make her feel like a big girl and have her help where she can. Obviously at 16 months, there's a limit to what she can do, but here is one of her favorite ways to help her baby brother:


Holy Cow, 32?!

Last week I celebrated my 32nd birthday. What was exciting was that Chi Hai happened to be in town to visit us. Everyone knows that when family comes, I am over the moon, and this was of course no exception.

Chi Hai watched the kiddos so that Eric and I could go to the movies. It was the first time since Connor was born that we were able to go out, just the two of us. I love my kids but boy was that a much needed break.

The week only got better. Chi Hai got to spend a lot of quality time with Connor and Riley. This made me so happy because we don't get to see each other enough as it is, but I also love being around her while I'm finding my bearings as a mom of 2. Totally not brown-nosing when I say that my sister is one of the BEST moms I know, and I am so privileged to have her as my momma-pedia; my go-to mom for any and all questions.

Di Hai and her nieces and nephew

Chi Hai showing Riley this cute pull-dog-toy

Di Hai and her "bean"

Chi Hai left early Thursday morning, and on Friday, Eric's mom was kind enough to watch the kids so that Eric and I could go on yet another date. Eric took me to see the Indianapolis Symphonic Orchestra for my birthday present. 
Awesome seats for the symphony

That officially wrapped up my birthday week. It was so nice to have Chi Hai in town, and I feel so blessed to have family who loves me and my kids enough to make this awesome week happen.