Holy Cow, 32?!

Last week I celebrated my 32nd birthday. What was exciting was that Chi Hai happened to be in town to visit us. Everyone knows that when family comes, I am over the moon, and this was of course no exception.

Chi Hai watched the kiddos so that Eric and I could go to the movies. It was the first time since Connor was born that we were able to go out, just the two of us. I love my kids but boy was that a much needed break.

The week only got better. Chi Hai got to spend a lot of quality time with Connor and Riley. This made me so happy because we don't get to see each other enough as it is, but I also love being around her while I'm finding my bearings as a mom of 2. Totally not brown-nosing when I say that my sister is one of the BEST moms I know, and I am so privileged to have her as my momma-pedia; my go-to mom for any and all questions.

Di Hai and her nieces and nephew

Chi Hai showing Riley this cute pull-dog-toy

Di Hai and her "bean"

Chi Hai left early Thursday morning, and on Friday, Eric's mom was kind enough to watch the kids so that Eric and I could go on yet another date. Eric took me to see the Indianapolis Symphonic Orchestra for my birthday present. 
Awesome seats for the symphony

That officially wrapped up my birthday week. It was so nice to have Chi Hai in town, and I feel so blessed to have family who loves me and my kids enough to make this awesome week happen.

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