Riley @ 16 mos

This post is all about our Riley girl. I wish everyone could see Riley how I get to experience her everyday. She is hilarious! This girl loves to sing and dance. Put on a song, any tempo, and she will move and groove. You will also catch her singing along with her favorite Signing Time videos or the infamous "Hot Dog" song off the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Right now her favorite songs include "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me." Her daycare has her doing a ton of art projects and as a result she loves to get her hands dirty in some play dough or paint.
playing with markers

Her favorite phrase is "Where ___ go?" followed by "There it is!" and she'll throw her arms out and shrug while asking the question. She is also obsessed with magnets. Eric will have her pulling magnets off one place and putting them in another and she would continue this nonstop if we didn't stop her... or if it wasn't time for a snack. The girl loves to eat! Her favorite foods right now are chicken, prunes, pears and peaches. 

She is also currently into pointing out facial features. Unfortunately for Connor, this means he gets poked in the eyes often. Here's a little video of Riley sitting in her big girl car seat, pointing out her nose, eyes and mouth for me:

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