I'd like to say that Riley is advanced for her age. For example, at 17 months, she's already tapping into her terrible 2's. To be fair, most of the time, Riley is a happy child, and a happy baby makes for happy parents. But when something doesn't go her way, she is quick to go into melt-down mode. She is also already starting to get quite testy. She now tries to stand on the sofa, and I have started to implement the infamous "time-out". But like most things parenting, your plans don't always pan out. Here is how I found her after having placed her in time-out:

I also once had a discussion with a friend about refraining from saying "no" to your child too often. I don't really have to strong of a stance on this one-- sometimes, there is nothing to say but "no." But I soon found out why someone would suggest staying away from it:

We're doing our best here. It is going to be a lot of trial and a lot more errors. But it has been fun every step of the way. 


I Say a Little Prayer For You

"In the morning I wake up... before I put on my makeup...." 

Actually, in this case, we are talking about at night after I take off my makeup. We have started incorporating a family prayer into Riley's night time routine. Here's a little video of one of our night time prayers. And I would like you to think that I say all my prayers every night in rhyme, but I'm actually reading one out of Riley's first book of prayers:


Sibling Love

One of the biggest struggles of having these two is getting them to like each other. Okay, Connor is too young to know any different. The struggle is getting Riley to like her brother. It has been a roller coaster to say the least. There are moments when she's running around the house saying "baby, baby" and others when she just melts down, seeing either Eric or me holding the baby. Today has been one of the biggest break-throughs in getting them to play together, and it makes me so happy to see it:

I feel like Eric and I are starting to really get our stride with raising two kids. We rounded everyone up and successfully got out of the house by 8:30 this morning to go to the member's only morning at the Children's Museum. Riley had a jammed pack morning, running around and playing with everything she could get her hands on. And then, there was Connor, who snoozed in the stroller. It was a really fun day, and one of the first memories of our family of four enjoying quality time together.

Riley-saur at the dinosaur exhibit

don't wake a sleeping dragon baby

sorting fruit in Egypt