Baby, I'm Amazed By You

When Riley was just a baby, I had read a tip somewhere to count to three when picking her up so that she would eventually know what to expect (something that we do with Connor now too). And now, at times when Riley is impatient, we count to five in an effort to teach her to wait. The point of all this is that counting is something that we do often with our children. But today we were completely caught off guard when we discovered that Riley could do this:

I cannot believe the sponge that is my 18 month old daughter. In fact, I have no idea where she learned to do this. Eric was counting with her at dinner time in this same fashion. I knew she knew how to say "two", but when he decided to keep counting and she didn't stop, we were both floored. I am simply amazed by our little girl!

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  1. So smart riley!!!! Good job!!! It's also because you and a3e are such great parents!!!!