Connor @ 3 mos

The past three (sleepless) months have been the longest, but at the same time, has it already been three months?! I cannot believe how much my Connor has grown already. At three months old, he is rocking tummy time and prefers to sit up with everyone else. He gets whiney when he can't make eye contact with the rest of us at dinner time. It makes for an inconvenient meal, but you can't be mad at him for wanting to be a part of our nutty family. Especially when he flashes those puppy dog eyes at us. I can't get enough of my son's adorable eyes.

He is sleeping in 3-4 hour increments at night. He's got some junk in the trunk and is already in a size 2 diaper, and is wearing size 0-3 month clothing, although not for much longer. He is growing so fast, I can hardly keep up with him.

He is my sweet chatty boy. He loves to baby talk and he is starting to laugh a lot more, which is one of my favorite milestones with my children. Its amazing how a little bit of baby laughter makes you immediately forget how tired you are.

Here's a video of Connor chatting and laughing at the dinner table:

And here is one of him laughing at me and my ridiculous noises. If you can get pass how silly I sound, you will melt at Connor's little chuckle:

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  1. the videos are soooooooo cute!!! the sounds he makes and his laughter just melts your heart!!