He is risen indeed!

We celebrated Easter by dressing the kids up for church the Saturday evening before. Riley checked into the one's class and Connor sat through service with us. I was so impressed with how well he did. 

Riley @ 17 mos
Connor @ 3 mos
The next morning, before Riley woke up, Eric and I "hid" Easter eggs around the house. I filled the eggs with some gummies and stickers (Riley is crazy about both at the moment). I wasn't sure Riley would understand what was going on, but as soon as she picked up her first egg and put it in her basket, I knew she would be  in for a fun morning. She got so excited every time she found an egg, and would immediately ask "where'd it go" when looking for the next. Her having so much fun made it very fun for us as well.

After a morning of fun and way too much sugar, both kids napped before we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked over to Eric's mom's house for our Easter supper. It was just the five of us, but it was very heart-felt and intimate and made for a pleasant and memorable holiday. 

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