Peas On Earth

I will be the first to admit that this video of Connor eating peas is very boring. Combine that lack of excitement with my obnoxious baby voice and I, too, am confused as to why I even posted it. But while feeding my son today, I had one of those moments when I just realized how amazing it is to raise a baby. I can't believe that I am teaching him how to eat, something so simple and part of our daily lives, and here I am, teaching him how to do it. I'm picking his first foods. I'm setting his daily routine. I spend every minute with him. Every little move I make will contribute to the person that he will eventually become. This thought is equally scary and wonderful.

Ok, didn't mean for it to get so deep. Enjoy the video of Connor eating peas, haha.


They see me rollin'

At 4, almost 5 months old, Connor is quite the chatterbox. He will babble my ear off all day long, but with that sweet little voice, I don't mind at all. He's rolling from front to back and vice-versa, but only in one direction. He's our little Zoolander-- really, really ridiculously good looking and not an ambi-turner.


Riley All-Star

Riley continues to amaze us nonstop. During dinner, she started singing in toddler gibberish. It wasn't until she said "wah wah wah" that Eric figured out she was singing "The Wheels on the Bus." We tested his theory by singing, and sure enough, he was correct! She must've learned this song at school because we had no idea she even knew this song.

Here's my little American Idol:

Here's a little clip of her playing with my make-shift doodle thingie (thank you, Pinterest!) and pointing out some shapes. She is starting to say a lot of 3-4 word phrases:



Every first Friday of the month, Cool Creek Nature Center holds an event for children ages 1-7 called "Pajama-rama". The kids come dressed in their pjs, enjoy some cookies and milk and learn songs and poems about certain animals. We decided to take this opportunity to make a Mommy-Daddy-Riley date this month.

Date started with sandwiches at the park

Riley playing with the "ocean"

Whale PJs were a total coincidence

Putting her whales in the "ocean"

admiring the turtle in the tank