Connor's half birthday

Where the heck did time go? How is it possible that my baby boy is 6 months old? Connor is getting into the stage of testing out his voice. This entire time I marked him as my quiet baby. Boy was I wrong. On that note of being wrong, I definitely jinxed myself from the previous post, as that one night was the ONLY night he has slept through the night. He is eating like a champ still, finished all of the recommended stage 1 foods. He is very friendly, smiles at just about everyone.

Connor had his 6 month wellness exam today. Here's where big boy measures up:

length: 27.25in @ 82%tile
weight: 17lbs 12oz @ 58%tile
head: 17" @ 31%tile

A wellness exam meant shots for my poor Connor. He showed the office how loud he could cry for about 3 minutes, and then he was back to this as soon as we got home:

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