So Much Personality

I will be the first to admit that I have been so lazy about blogging. But the kids are growing up so fast, and a couple of weeks without blogging means a lot of changes!

At 20 months, Riley is full of love and life. She is constructing longer sentences, and can clearly communicate what she wants (but more often, what she doesn't want). Her favorite food is applesauce and yogurt melts. She loves to sing "Happy Birthday" to everyone and everything. She is obsessed with riding her bike trailer with her dad. She loves Minnie Mouse, and we all have to do the "hot dog dance" with her. She is strongly opinionated about everything, including fashion. Who knew all that could be crammed into a one-year old??
The art of accessorizing

Riley-Minnie sandwich

At a few days shy of 6 months old, Connor finally slept through the night FOR THE FIRST TIME last night! I don't know if I can possibly convey how excited I am about that. He is such a sweet boy, he rarely cries more than a little whimper, and when he does, we can't help but laugh. He sticks his lip so far out and looks completely ridiculous, but so cute at the same time. He was always a champ at tummy time, but now we are working on sitting up and he is doing great. This boy might look like his dad, but he definitely has his momma's appetite-- he loves to eat. He's had green beans, peas, butternut squash and acorn squash. I still think its amazing at this age, when I can list everything his tiny little body has eaten. 

The past 6 months have been some of the best but some of the hardest of my life. We have been running on very little sleep, and with kids there is no downtime. We have grown eyes on the back of our heads and our eyes are never off our children. Eric and I have been functioning like machines, doing what needs to get done. But I am happy to say that I am starting to feel like we are finding a groove and things are getting a lot better. The new baby haze is slowly fading and I am finally snapping into moments of enjoying my children. They are doing so great, and I thank God for blessing me with these two beautiful babies. 

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