Galway 2013

With the purchase of the new car, Eric and I had this strong desire to break her in and just take her everywhere. He brought up Galway, NY, where his grandpa has a lake house and where Eric spent many of his childhood summers. We drove up there once from DC and it really was a lovely little getaway. But when Eric brought it up this time, I wasn't quite as gung ho about driving from Indiana... with the babies... and Indy. But I eventually sucked it up, and we went, and although the trip had moments I was expecting (crying, whiny babies unable to sleep consistently in new places) it overall went a thousand times better than I ever anticipated. And at the end of the trip, when Eric's grandpa gave me a big hug and thanked us for bringing his great grandchildren out to spend time with him, I knew that going was the right choice. I am very thankful that Riley and Connor got to spend time with their great grandpa, who happens to be one of my favorite people.

With step-great-grandma, Bernice.
She was totally ga-ga for him

Riley got to ride Great Grandpa's boat

Connor sits in Riley's chair while she naps

Lexi came with us, thank goodness!

She wore this face most of our trip
Our 10 year old niece, Lexi, came with us and thank goodness for that. She was amazing with the kids and I know I would've thrown many meltdowns without her help. Grandpa sent all his friends and family a sweet email about how much he enjoyed our visit, and that alone made it worth it to me.

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