It's a Small World

Riley is still completely obsessed with music. On our recent trip to California, I taught her "It's a Small World" in preparation for the only ride she wouldn't be afraid to ride. That turned into an obsession. My sister suggested I let Riley watch clips of the ride off of youtube, and here you can witness just how crazy she's become about "Its a Small World". Background percussion is provided, courtesy of Connor:


Colorado 2013

Once again, my children have simply amazed me. We flew them to Denver, drove them through mountains to and from Gunnison, and were away from home for 10 whole days and they did so well! We did a lot of sight seeing, visited friends and family, and Riley and Eric were part of Aunt Sue's wedding. It was busy busy, but lots of fun.

Here are some (of the many) highlights of our trip:
Riley and Luke became best buds

Got a pleasant surprise during a hike in Crested Butte

Aunt Sue and Uncle Jamie-- the look of love

The Continental Divide on our way back to Denver

some hot springs-- beautiful!


California 2013

The summer California trip was my most anticipated trip, this year and every year. It's no surprise to anyone how much I just love being in my hometown with my favorite people. This year was no exception.

I have to note that the kids travelled so darn well. I knew without a doubt Connor was going to be a breeze on the plane, so before we took off I loudly declared that he would sit on my lap and Riley would sit with Eric. Well, Riley had other plans. She immediately called for "mommy! mommy!" (which was strange because she's usually daddy's girl) and I thought I was going to be in for a rough flight (and rough for those in our row). I underestimated my little girl-- she did great! A few episodes of MMCH and some snacks and she was smoooooth sailing. *phew!

The 5 day trip passed by way too quickly. But Connor got to meet most of the family at Anh Hai Doan's wedding and Riley got to spend some quality time with her cousins, Aidan, Brooke, and even Lily. It was just the sweetest thing seeing Riley play with her cousins. Aidan and Brooke were so mature with her and Connor. At 4.5 years old, they stepped up as "big cousins" and took such great care of Ri and Connor. Riley has since asked to see them even now, which breaks my heart, but it also warms my heart to think that a relationship between them is already budding.

Our whole family at AHD's wedding

Connor finally meets YY
(who he gets his middle name after)

My dad taped grapes up for
Riley to pick and eat

The adorable next generation

I am digging deep for the words to describe what a great vacation this was for us. I love that the kids got to spend quality time with their Ngo side of the family, and I love that the family was equally as excited about getting to know Riley and Connor. My family is the best.