Baby Teeth

I don't know if you can see, Connor now has a tooth! He is so funny about it-- always feeling it with his tongue and fingers. Connor is definitely my curious little guy!

Connor is just a few days short of being 10 months old. This has been a big month for his growth and development. I am starting to see him burst with personality and I love it all. He will clap his hands and cheer whenever anyone asks him to. He really excels at mimicking the sounds that we make. He is starting to become a pro at pulling up on furniture and is cruising. I love watching him go from crawl to sitting up position.

But don't let those sweet eyes fool you. I am predicting now that Connor will be my "strong-willed" child. He is happy 99% of the time, but if he doesn't get his way, that 1% is completely miserable.

He is a loving boy. He smiles at everyone. His face lights up whenever Riley is in the room-- he is always trying to get her attention.

I love this kid so much.

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