Oh TWO-dles!

My sweet Riley is now 2 years old. Can somebody, anybody tell me how this is possible??? She has transformed into an incredibly silly, sassy, curious, inquisitive singing and dancing machine. This girl is so ridiculously smart. She is so loving (except to Connor sometimes, but we're still working on that). It's  impossible not to laugh when you're around her. And I cannot believe I am blessed enough to be her mother.

My entire family flew out to Indiana to help Riley celebrate her birthday. We made some awesome memories and they played a huge hand in making Riley's second birthday so awesome and so memorable.

Went to the zoo on her actual birthday
Got to visit Indy's Children's Museum 

Threw her a party with her favorite--
Minnie Mouse
I know Riley is too young to notice a lot of things, but I can tell you that I truly felt the outpour of love coming from friends and family this past week. Our house received multiple packages every single day from family and friends all over the country. My siblings stayed up late to help me make the party space look simply perfect. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much goodness, and I am so thankful that Riley really just had the time of her life among all her loved ones.

Here are some of Riley's 2 year wellness stats:
weight: 26 lbs
height: 2' 11"
head: 19.75" (last time this measurement will be taken)

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