Happy 1st Birthday, Connor

I was very emotional about my sweet baby boy turning 1. I just find it incredibly unbelievable. He is still such a baby (albeit a giant baby).

We happened to be in North Carolina visiting Eric's sister when it was Connor's birthday. She helped make his first birthday so memorable.

Bday pancake from Auntie Andrea

Andrea and I put together this
little photoshoot
At 1 year of age, Connor is just Mr. Smiley and Mr. Giggly. I don't know how to put into words what a happy guy he is. He is starting to babble quite a bit. He is a master of mimicking sounds. He is able to say "ma", "dada", "Grandma", "Indy", "uh-oh" and "bubbles". He is an eating machine, and he makes it very known when he is hungry. He's still not walking yet, but I am convinced he can win at a crawling contest. He is a snuggler, loves to hug and kiss everyone. He is also super sensitive-- he will get his feelings hurt if Riley won't play with him (which she never does).

Connor was an unplanned baby and I often find myself marveling at how this surprise just fit so perfectly in our lives. He just completes our family. I am so excited to watch our buddy grow up and see what kind of man he will turn out to be. Happy first birthday to my baby boy Connor Dao. I love you buddy!

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