Poop Happens

I vowed to never be one of those moms that posted about bowels. I am breaking the rule once (and possibly one more time in the future) to document a huge developmental milestone for the kids-- potty training.

Shortly after Riley turned 2, we knew it was time to ditch the diapers. She was showing all signs-- she told us when she had to go, she hated being in her dirty diapers, she'd asked to be changed right away. I, however, dreaded the idea of losing the comfort of diapers. I can tell you with confidence that I am a diaper-changing pro. I can change both kids and get us out the door in record breaking time. So, to me, potty training meant a change in our routine and that was a huge turn off. I made all sorts of excuses as to why we couldn't commit to potty training-- we had lots of traveling to do, we were finally sleeping through the night, etc. So I took a very non-aggressive approach and started Riley with pull-ups. She did great-- she willingly sat on her training potty chair and she told us when she had to go. The pull-ups lasted for a couple of months and finally, we ran out of pull-ups and I decided to let go of my crutch and let Riley be the big girl that she is. And I am so proud of how well she is doing with it.

whatever works, ok? 

On a side-note, we bought some m&ms to reward Riley with, as recommended by several sources. Turns out the m&ms are really for me, to cheer myself up after having to clean up her accidents. The method totally works, I highly recommend it. 

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