So long, 2013!

I usually write a New Year post, and I didn't intend to write this tonight but I got caught up browsing pictures from last year and it compelled me to stop and think "wow, what a great year!" Last year, having 2 kids under the age of 2 should've been a completely sleepless blur. Don't get me wrong, we are exhausted, the year was full of adjustments for me as an individual, for our whole family, but God has definitely been keeping a close watch on us and has blessed us so graciously. As a young family of four, I am simply amazed by all we were able to do. In his first year of life, Connor has already visited 6 different states (not including some of the states we drove by to get to these states). We have gone hiking… yes, hiking with babies! The kids got to spend time with their great grandpa and their ba co. I look back at this year and all the wonderful memories we made completely overshadow those tiresome, new-parent moments. How blessed are we?

I'm starting actually realize that every year will be filled with different challenges and more adjustments, as the kids continue to grow and change (very rapidly, I might add). And my hopes for 2014 and every year hereafter is to truly cherish moments-- the ones that we will never get back.

I like to make New Year's resolutions. I have to admit that mine usually are all the same-- some form of work on self, work on relationships, work on faith. With that in mind, I think this year I just want to focus particularly on two things-- being kind and being grateful. I'm hoping those two things will inevitably cover the usual bases as well.

We are only 6 days into the new year, and I am just bursting with excitement thinking about what this year holds for us. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2014!

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