Eat & Thank You

It is starting to become clear that our Connor man is on a time table of his own. He excels in things that are of interest to him. He won't care for certain things/skills until he realizes that they can work to his advantage. For example, he has had the muscle/knowledge to walk for a long time. He quickly took 4-5 steps but truly had no interest in walking since he crawled so much faster. It wasn't until recently that he realized he can get places faster by walking than crawling.

With that in mind, its no surprise that one of the signs he's perfected is "eat". Let me tell you, this kid can put away some serious food. He already eats more than his big sis. And when he gets hungry, he lets us know. Before learning the sign, he would whine, so we are especially thankful he picked this one up. 

So here's a short clip of him showing off this sign. There's a bonus "thank you" in there that is pretty adorable too.