Good Aim, Connor

Connor is almost 15 months old and I feel like this past month has been a big one for him developmentally. He is starting to pick up a lot of words, he has mastered walking/running and he is starting to really improve with his dexterity. 

We already know the boy loves to eat, so its no surprise that he has figured out how to use utensils to feed himself. I love how proud of himself he is each time he can make contact with the food using his fork:

This past Saturday, we took the kids to watch their cousin Parker's basketball game. They have both attended their cousins other sports events before, but this was their first time at a basketball game and it was truly amazing how engaged and focused Connor was. This squirmy kid sat still the entire time. And as soon as we got home, this was all he wanted to do:

He is such a fun and happy kid. Its been so awesome watching him grow and slowly discovering his likes and interests.

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