Poor Conn-Ear

Connor man has had these wicked ear infections that seem to want to just hang out and overstay their welcome. After finishing three different rounds of antibiotics, our pediatrician decided it was time to open up the discussion about inserting tubes, and he set us up with an ENT. 
Waiting for his ear exam
(although it looks like a belly exam)
Dr. Myers came in and examined Connor's ears, and to our dismay, the infection is still present. He sent Connor to get his hearing tested, which is one of the sweetest things Connor and I ever experienced together. Connor sat on my lap and we were in what appeared to be a sound booth. To our front, right and left were black speakers with toys in them. The technician would play several different sound clips at different volumes, and if Connor heard them and responded, she would trigger for the toys to dance or clap and Connor just laughed the entire time. Luckily, aside from being fun, his hearing is not negatively affected. We asked Dr. Myer if we could delay the surgery for now, in attempt to get past the cold season, with hopes that he may never need the surgery. Dr. Myer was very warm in receiving our plan, prescribed Connor another round of antibiotics and scheduled to see us again to check Connor's ears and to further discuss if necessary.

I am aware that tube insertion for toddlers isn't uncommon. But to be honest, this decision is consuming me. I feel extremely anxious and worried that whatever decision we make for our little guy might not be the right one. I ask that you pray for our Connor's ears to be healed and for our clarity to know with confidence how we are supposed to proceed.

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