No Peanuts for My Peanut

We have recently discovered that Connor is severely allergic to peanuts. Thank God we found out in the best possible way-- we were actually testing Riley for a peanut allergy, because any time the girl eats anything peanut butter flavored, she would tell me that her mouth is "hot". So trying to take precautions for both kids, we had them tested and that was when we were surprised with the news of Connor's peanut allergy (with a mild allergy to dairy and cats as well).

So we met with a pediatric allergist this morning where buddy boy had the skin test, which confirmed his allergic reaction to peanuts.

Connor had to stay still for 15 minutes to
get his test results
For whatever reason, allergies and their reactions just freak me out. We are working on educating ourselves about how to react in case an allergic reaction should happen and are trying to be very conscious about letting all of Connor's caretakers know of his allergy. The allergist did say that Connor has a 20% chance of outgrowing this, so I ask for your prayers that we will be able to deal with this and for our little guy's health and safety (and a little prayer for my sanity, please).

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