Connor @ 18 Months

Connor had his 18 month wellness last week, and here are where big boy's numbers stand:
Height: 34' @ 90%tile
Weight: 25lbs @ 34%tile
Head: 19' @ 66%tile
Connor is a big time chatter box!He knows a lot of words now, but a lot of the time he is spitting out baby gibberish, really trying to tell us a story. No surprise that when it comes to food, he tells us exactly what he wants ("snack!", "eat!", "more!"). I am very proud to share that he has "thank you" and "please" as part of his good habits now too.

At this age, he is a lot more dependent on mommy than Riley was when she was his age. He is also a lot more stubborn! When he doesn't get his way, he will turn himself to a rug on the floor-- any floor that we happen to be at. But he is very affectionate, will run over and give hugs and kisses to me and Eric. He's a stinker, that one, but we love him!

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