Galway 2014

Every year, we try to get out to Eric's grandpa's lakeside cabin in upstate New York. This year, we were also coincidently invited to a wedding that was also in New York, and instead of driving back and forth, we decided to just stay the entire time out there and make a vacation out of it.

Riley and Connor were asked by their daycare teacher to be the flower girl and ring bearer for her wedding. She is one of the kids' (and ours) favorite people so there was no way we could say no. It was a beautiful wedding and we were honored to celebrate with the happy couple

After the wedding, we continued our drive to Galway, where the kids got to ride the kayak, go fishing, visit a zoo, and eat way more pie and ice cream than they should.

We had so much time out there that we were even able to drive some more and visit Vermont, where the kids got to visit a farm that was very hands-on, which they just loved.

But the main purpose of this trip was to celebrate the life of Eric's grandpa-- Walter Nial. He was one of my favorite people I've ver been blessed enough to know. A lot of family and friends came out to share wonderful stories of him. We cooked out, had laughs, and it was exactly how he would have wanted his family to remember his life.
Uncle Ward spreading some of Grandpa's ashes into his favorite lake
It was a little of two weeks of a trip and although it was tiresome to say the least, we made some incredible memories with the kids; Connor and Riley totally bonded, which warms my heart to see. It was very fun to watch them play together and enjoy each other, and it excites me for what the future holds for our little family.

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